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the platform where people can learn and earn by their own by doing affiliate marketing as well as being an instructor. We assure that we provide real and practical based online WordPress Web Design and related others digital skills in easy and simple way.

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✅ Students
✅ Working Professional
✅ Job Holder
✅ Business Owner
✅ Anyone Interested
✅ Someone Looking To Build Their Own
✅ Some Who Want to Grow Existing Business Through Online

About Bijay Kumal

Bijay Kumal

Digital Marketer & Co-Founder of Ecommerce Sathi Pvt. Ltd

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Mamta Shah

Digital Marketer & Co-Founder of Ecommerce Sathi Pvt. Ltd

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Being as a creator of this amazing platform, We personally invite to join the team and start to learn and earn from the site. If you know who you are, why Would you listen to other people's judgments and get depressed? After you join this platform, You don't have to knock others door because we assure the quality of the training. We tends to provide the training in a very minimal price so that every needy students can join the training and learn the valuable skills from this platform. Selecting a right career path that both satisfies you and brings out the best in you is a tough decision to take. We are the people who will plan your career needs with care. We are the experienced individuals who have been working in the field of IT for several years and have studied emerging market trends closely. We are the people who will offer you with the necessary guidance to select a career path that suits you. We see beyond the name of each, understand their detailed level of expertise and recommend the best course to take on. Taking the first step is the most difficult thing to do, and this is where we come to play. As per the need of students, we offer seminars and training workshops to bring out the best in you. Come to us, be a part of best projects, educate yourself on the best IT-based courses and become a job creator rather than a job seeker. Before you decide what is correct for you and what career path you will choose, consult us. We, as experienced individuals will give you the perfect advice on understanding your interest and expertise level. We, as knowledgeable individuals working in the field of IT, make sure that students who are willing to take help from us are updated with the latest technological advancements, thus ensuring their chances of finding a better career in their field of interest. As trainers, as experienced IT individuals and as guardians of the next generation, we believe that it is upon us to create a new generation of technologically advanced and IT aware individuals. Our trainers are not just highly qualified but are passionate about imparting their knowledge to anyone who wishes to follow their path. With this objective of serving the future of IT and making learning simple in our way, we have established Bizinice in 2020. See You In The Class !!

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